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The Best in Steel, Aluminum, and Plastic Pipe Caps

For over 50 years, Wedge Products has supplied pipe end caps to the pipe, boiler, and tubing industries. We manufacture plain-end pipe caps in nominal sizes ranging from .540" to 12.750" diameter. Our caps are of one-piece construction, draw from sheet steel or aluminum. All our end cap products are Outside Diameter (O.D.) pipe caps, meaning they fit on the outside of the piping rather than fitting into the opening.

As one of the leading metal stamping companies in Ohio, we offer metal end caps known for having the tightest fit on the market thanks to a three-lobed offset built into our forming dies. They are also completely recyclable and can be galvanized upon request, so you always receive an eco-friendly product designed to your exact specifications.

What are Pipe Caps?

Pipe end caps are exactly what they sound like. They are custom fittings that cover the ends of metal pipes, but why do you need to cover a pipe end?

The central purpose of a pipe is to transport liquids, gases, and other materials for a wide variety of industries. Industrial pipes in particular are vulnerable to dust, debris, and many forms of damage, so pipe caps are designed to protect the pipe ends and keep the interior clean.

Installing a steel pipe cap will protect the pipe end from cracks, chips, and splits. This will also keep materials from getting damaged or becoming contaminated during transport through the pipe. Wedge also offers a selection of grease and axle caps, which are automotive components that offer similar functionality.

Our pipe end caps come in a variety of materials including steel pipe end caps, stainless steel end caps, aluminum pipe end caps, and plastic pipe caps. We can manufacture our pipe cap products to the exact shapes and dimensions you need while using the highest quality materials available.

Fabricators of all types of piping throughout the industry have used our caps to protect ends and keep out dirt and other foreign material. Pipes caps from Wedge end caps always arrive at your project site in perfect condition, so they are ready to install right out of the box. With convenient external grips, Wedge pipe cap installation is quick and easy. Simply fit the cap on the end of the pipe, seal it as tightly as possible, and you are ready to go!

Pipe End Cap Material | Differences and Strengths

If your company is searching for pipe end cap suppliers, it is beneficial to understand the different materials used to produce pipe caps. Steel pipe caps, for example, are different from aluminum tube end caps and other end cap material. Factors such as strength, cost, and formability all play a role in final application. Steel and aluminum are both widely used materials in all types of manufacturing, especially metal stamping, thanks to their durability and machinability. When it comes to looking for metal end caps or a metal pipe cap, it’s important to know the main differences between steel and aluminum tube end caps. Aluminum is known to be more malleable and elastic than steel. For certain shapes and applications, aluminum has to be used because it can undergo more intricate spinnings. While this may not be a problem when looking for stainless steel square end caps, it could affect manufacturing decisions for other parts or components. Steel, however, is extremely strong and has high tensile strength. That is part of the reason why steel cannot be manipulated as much as aluminum, because it has a higher strength and lower formability. Steel also weighs more due to its makeup, so you may find that a steel pipe end cap is heavier than other types of metal end caps.

Pricing on Metal Pipe Cap | Working with Wedge Products

Another difference between steel and aluminum is cost. Generally, aluminum costs about three times more than steel, which may affect decision making in choosing metal tube end caps for your facility. Here at Wedge Products, we are happy to provide you with a quote on metal end caps so you can determine the best choice for your business and application. Wedge Products has supplied stainless steel square end caps and other types of metal end caps to the pipe, boiler, and tubing industries for more than five decades. We have varying sizes and choices for our metal tube end caps and can work with the customer to find the perfect fit. All of our metal pipe cap products are outside diameter pipe caps, which means that they fit on the outside of the piping instead of fitting into the opening. We are confident in our metal pipe cap products that have the tightest fit on the market. This, in part, is thanks to our three-lobed offset built into our forming dies. We are eager to work with you on your metal tube end caps, and create a product that exceeds expectations. Contact us today to get started.

How are Pipe End Caps Made?

Here at Wedge, we have found that deep draw stamping is the best method for producing metal pipe caps. Our deep draw stamping services involve a full range of forming methods to create the ideal pipe cap for your application.

Deep draw stamping is a sheet metal forming process that offers high levels of efficiency and precision. “Deep draw” refers to the dimensions of these parts, which have greater depth than width. Given the standard dimensions of metal piping, deep draw stamping is the clear choice for pipe cap manufacturing.

This process is significantly more cost effective than turning metal parts, and it greatly reduces overall waste production. Turned parts are a common solution for several metal stamping projects, and it offers many unique benefits in the proper situations. However, it requires significantly more raw materials than deep draw stamping, resulting in increased costs, scrap, and waste materials. Most importantly, it is much less eco-friendly than deep draw stamping.

With Wedge deep draw stamping, we can create the exact pipe caps you need in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our forming methods include side piercing, bottom piercing, rib forming, coining, and many more, so we can accurately meet your unique project requirements.

Why Choose Wedge for Your Pipe Caps?

Organizations around the world have been depending on Wedge Products for high-quality metal components since 1933. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal stamping company, meaning we have proven our ability to create reliable products. In fact, we have developed complex components for military and commercial aircraft, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

Our 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses state-of-the-art metal stamping equipment, allowing us to work with a comprehensive selection of materials at nearly any thickness. If you are looking for metal end caps for pipes or any other metal stamping services, get in touch with us today. Our technical staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started on your project.

O.D. Caps - Plain End Pipe, Boiler & Tubing

Most sizes available in galvanized upon request. Check out our range of sizes below.

1/4" .540 6038 916 6038.S
  .625 6018 933 6018.S
3/8" .675 6019 934 6019.S
1/2" .840 6000 913 6000.S
  .875 6020 935 6020.S
  1.000 6021 917 6021.S
3/4" 1.050 6001 914 6001.S
  1.125 6022 918 6022.S
  1.250 6023 919 6023.S
  1.3125 6024 920 6024.S
1" 1.315 6002 915 6002.S
  1.375 6025 921 6025.S
  1.500 6026 922 6026.S
  1.625 6027 923 6027.S
1 1/4" 1.660 6003 900 6003.S
  1.750 6028 924 6028.S
  1.875 6029 925 6029.S
1 1/2" 1.900 6004 901 6004.S
  2.000 6030 926 6030.S
  2.125 6031 927 6031.S
  2.250 6032 928 6032.S
2" 2.375 6005 902 6005.S
  2.500 6033 929 6033.S
  2.750 6034 930 6034.S
2 1/2" 2.875 6006 903 6006.S
  3.000 6035 932 6035.S
  3.250 6036 931 6036.S
3" 3.500 6007 904 6007.S
3 1/2" 4.000 6008 905 6008.S
4" 4.500 6009 906 6009.S
4 1/2" 5.000 6010 907 6010.S
5" 5.563 6011 908 6011.S
6" 6.625 6012 909 6012.S
8" 8.625 6013 910 6013.S
10" 10.750 6014 911 6014.S
12" 12.750 6015 912 6015.S

F.O.B.: Wedge Products, Inc.
Terms: Net 30 Days with approval.
Lead time for items not in stock: 4-6 weeks.
Prices and lead times are subject to change without notice.

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Certified to AS9100 Rev. D, Wedge Products is an experienced aerospace parts manufacturer providing stamped metal components to the aerospace and military industries.

A series of pipe caps and end caps from Wedge Products
A custom pipe cap from Wedge Products

Special caps, belt & groove are available upon request!

Wedge Pipe End Caps are Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.