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State-of-the art metal stamping company with over 50 metal stamping presses from 3 to 400 ton.

Companies from various industries have been depending on Wedge for reliable metal stamping services since 1933. We offer our customers superior quality as well as on-time delivery and competitive pricing, so they get the components they need when they need them. We can perform a full range of metal stamping services in our 110,000 square foot facility with high precision and efficiency. As a result, we can meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers regardless of their application.

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What is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping involves reshaping sheet metal through a die containing various workstations. The die is basically a cookie cutter for forming metal components.The workstations within the die complete different tasks to accurately produce each part. The die can cut, bend, coin, emboss, shave and draw the metal to make incredibly intricate metal parts. With our advanced stamping machinery, we have the ability to customize complex metal components that meet even the strictest dimensional and performance requirements.

Deep Draw Metal Stamping

Wedge stands as one of the leading deep draw metal stamping manufacturers in the industry. As a leader in deep draw metal stamping, we have the flexibility to create deep drawn components for a multitude of applications. Whether automotive, aerospace or electrical appliance components, our deep draw metal stamping services offer the precision and uniformity necessary for optimal performance.

Precision Custom Metal Stamping

Wedge Products has the tools and capabilities to custom manufacture a diverse selection of different components. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizes advanced stamping machinery, so we can fabricate virtually any component with unique dimensions and specifications. We have the ability to adjust each individual component to better suit your application and performance requirements.

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Wedge Stamping Materials

Does your application require the use of specific materials for optimal performance? Our metal stamping capabilities involve a wide range of materials including aluminum, brass, stainless steel and more! We have the material resources necessary for creating the components you need to your exact specifications.


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A Proven Aerospace Metal Stamping and Automotive Metal Stamping Manufacturer | AS9100-D Certified

Wedge is a leading manufacturer of metal stamped automotive components as well as a AS9100-D certified aerospace manufacturer. We offer unmatched experience creating both automotive and aerospace components, having completed countless projects with custom finishes and packaging requirements. With our expert aerospace team, advanced equipment and dedicated facility, we can efficiently produce custom aerospace components with zero defects for all customers. Wedge has the resources and capabilities to handle the most challenging metal stamping projects for the automotive and aerospace industries.


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Metal Stamped Caps

In addition to our other metal stamping products and services, we can manufacture a wide variety of caps with different materials and specifications depending on the application. As a leading metal stamping company for the automotive and aerospace industries, we have the ability to custom manufacture caps for your unique application while offering superior quality and competitive pricing.


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An Aerospace Certified Stamper

An Aerospace
Certified Stamper

Certified to AS9100 Rev. D, Wedge Products is an experienced aerospace parts manufacturer providing stamped metal components to the aerospace, military and industry.