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Wedge has over 64 presses with capacity from 35 to 400 tons.

No matter what your metal stamping needs are, Wedge Products can deliver a quality product on time and at a competitive price.

Metal Stamping Services Near Me | Choose Wedge Products

When seeking top metal stamping companies near me, Wedge Products is a leading choice. We deliver quality metal products on time and work within your budget, all while providing outstanding customer service. No matter what your needs are, or how specialized your metal stamping products need to be, our team can help tackle the project with great results.

Wedge Products is among the top metal stamping companies in Ohio because of the range of skills and abilities we have in-house. Learn more about the types of metal services near me that we provide.

Deep Draw Stamping

Deep-draw stamping is a type of metal stamping near me that involves radially drawing flat sheet metal into a die to create the final product. “Deep draw” refers to the components involved that have a greater depth than width. The metal stamping products made from deep drawing are created using a number of different forming methods including beading, coining, notching, ironing, threading, and more.
Our Cleveland metal stamping abilities can create deep draw products to your exact specifications.

Single Hit Stamping from Metal Stamping Services in Ohio

Single hit stamping is another one of our metal stamping services near me. This stamping uses a single-hit die that is typically more affordable than other dies and is smaller. The single-hit dies are moved from station to station, and they require interaction with the die and press for every operation to be completed. This is different from progressive die stamping, which is more automatic and often faster. However, single-hit stamping is still widely used to create metal stamping products across industries.

Progressive Stamping

Progressive stamping is offered by many Ohio stamping and machine companies due to its fluidity and range of possibilities. Progressive metal dies have a series of stations in one die through which strips are automatically fed. Then the feeder advances the material to the next step with each stroke. Typically, the final product is completed after being sent through all stations in the die.

In fact, manufacturers can watch metal stamping products be pushed through a progressive stamping process until it becomes a completed part. A progressive stamping system is also very common among metal stamping companies in Ohio because it’s fast and able to produce large product quantities. However, unlike single-die stamping, progressive stamping can not generate parts that are as specialized, so this is not the right process for all intricate metal stamping products.

Benefits of Custom Metal Stampings

The various methods of custom stamping are beneficial to stamping different types of metal parts. Advantages of custom metal stampings include lower die costs, lower secondary costs, and a high level of automation compared to other metal processes. Custom metal stampings typically cost less to produce and maintain compared to those used in other common processes. Secondary costs include cleaning and plating, which are less expensive than other processes. Stamping machines are relatively simple to operate and can feature advanced computer-control programs that contribute to greater precision, faster production, and quick turnaround times.


The versatility of custom metal stampings is one of the reasons they are popular among many industries. Metal stamping allows metal to be shaped into varying sizes and complex forms. What was a tough and durable piece of metal can be transformed to the customer’s desired specifications. Custom metal stamped parts are even preferred in the medical industry for their versatility and precision.


Metal stamping is a proven process due to its level of precision, which reaches a micron level. The detailed nature of the process allows manufacturers to shape metal into incredibly complex forms with assistance from advanced stamping technology. The use of sensors and camera systems minimizes the possibility of errors. Custom metal stampings provide manufacturers with precise products and low production costs.


Industry professionals trust custom metal stampings for their cost-efficiency. Stamping allows a substantial reduction in production times, while simultaneously increasing production speed. With increased production speed, companies can reduce the use of machines, the number of workers, and labor time. Overall, production becomes more efficient and is one of the best solutions for cost-cutting.


Custom metal stampings are known for the high quality of their components. Custom stamping parts are trusted by medical industries for complex procedures. Titanium is one of the most high-quality metals used in the metal stamping process. The composition of custom metal stampings guarantees their durability and safety for a wide variety of industries.

Connect with Wedge Products | Metal Stamping Companies Near Me

Looking to connect with a company that performs metal stamping near me? Wedge Products has delivered quality metal stamping products since 1933, and industries worldwide rely on us for our quality, customer service, and competitive turnaround times. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we believe in a hands-on approach that gets our customers the help and support they need to succeed.

Don’t wait. Connect with one of the best metal stamping companies in Ohio today.

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Certified to AS9100 Rev. D, Wedge Products is an experienced aerospace parts manufacturer providing stamped metal components to the aerospace, military and industry.