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Custom Stamping Since 1933 | Metal Stamping Services Near Me



Are you looking for metal stamping services near me? Wedge Products has been a leading provider of metal stamping services and products since 1933. As a full-range aerospace-certified metal stamping company, Wedge Products can fulfill the quality and performance requirements of even the most challenging applications.

Wedge also offers metal and plastic stampings in a wide variety of materials and thicknesses. Our state-of-the-art, 110,000 square foot facility houses advanced stamping equipment. As a result, we can effectively produce precision components with a quick turnaround. Furthermore, Wedge is one of the leading manufacturers of deep draw stampings.

Here at Wedge Products, we strive to meet and exceed customer needs. We have positioned ourselves as a top metal stamping company because of our “customer first” philosophy. No matter the metal stamping service, we believe in honest pricing so each client receives the most value for their dollar. This philosophy has given us a reputation as a trustworthy metal stamping company.

AS9100-D Certified Aerospace Metal Stamping Company

Wedge Products is a certified Aerospace Metal Stamping Company for the aerospace industry. We have immense experience working with aerospace specifications and performance standards. Wedge produces stamped metal products with critical finishes and customized packaging to ensure every component is free of defects. Our specialized aerospace manufacturing staff, equipment and facility are capable of meeting the complex requirements of aerospace clients, having developed parts for Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Black Hawk, Apache and C-130 aircraft.

As an AS9100 Rev. D manufacturer, Wedge Products offers a full range of metal stamping services and light assembly for aerospace applications:

Regardless of your aerospace metal stamping and manufacturing needs, Wedge can provide a high-quality product with quick delivery and competitive pricing.

Precision Engineering

Our engineering department consists of experts in the industry able to help you design and manufacture the highest quality metal stamped parts at competitive prices. Furthermore, our metal stamping tool and die makers can modify and maintain your tools and dies for customized metal stampings. Their unmatched level of craftsmanship is a crucial aspect of Wedge's engineering department.

Advanced Equipment

Our state-of-the-art facility houses more than 64 presses with capacities ranging from 3 to 400 tons. We also employ automated feed and handling equipment. As a result, we can produce low and high volume stampings at efficient rates.

Additionally, we have equipment for riveting, welding, tapping, deburring, degreasing and providing both manual and automatic assemblies.

Quality Control

Wedge utilizes an online computerized quality assurance program which ensures precision at every stage of the manufacturing process.

We also are also a certified supplier for the automotive industry functioning under Mil-I-45208A. Wedge Products is committed to quality from choosing raw materials to developing a finished product.

Metal Stamping Services | Metal Stamping Company Near Me

Deep Draw Stamping

Wedge Products offers unmatched versatility, using various effective processes to produce high-quality components. Deep draw stamping is perfect for creating automotive, aerospace and electrical components. With our advanced technology and expert staff, we can design and manufacture virtually any component for any application.

Deep draw metal stamping is a sheet metal forming process, which involves radially drawing flat sheet metal into a die. The term “deep draw” refers to the components. These components have much greater depth than width. 

Creating these depths requires redrawing the component through multiple dies. The component then reduces in width and increases in length as it moves from one die to the next. It is also common for deep draw components to have various diameters throughout.

Most notably, this process reduces costs in comparison to turned parts, as deep draw parts require fewer materials.

Hot & Cold Custom Plastic Stamping

We are a leading provider of plastic stamps for various industries ranging from small appliance manufacturing to aerospace components. Wedge has recently added a 40-ton, high-speed Komatsu press with automatic feed technology and infrared, digitally controlled material heaters for hot plastic stamping.

With stamping press capacities ranging from 18 to 60 tons, we’re able to stamp the maximum thickness with nylon, polyester and high-pressure laminates. Our staff combines 80+ years of metal and plastic stamping experience, so you can trust Wedge as your stamped components supplier.

Plastic Stamping Applications:

  • Electrical Insulator Components
  • Heavy-gage Plastic or Laminate Gaskets
  • High-volume Plastic Components
  • Custom Stamped Plastic Parts
  • Non-Metallic Washers, Gaskets and Seals

Metal Stamping & Plastic Stamping Products

Grease & Axle Caps

We have been a leading manufacturer of Grease Caps for more than 20 years. These caps are designed and manufactured in the U.S. with galvanized and plain steel. We also offer various plating options.

  • Serving the Recreation Vehicle & Trailer Market
  • Sizes and Shapes to Your Specifications
  • All Caps are Galvanized on Both Sides
  • Zinc Plated Caps Available

In addition to our grease and axle caps, we can design and manufacture caps to fit custom specifications.

Pipe & End Caps

Wedge has been a leading supplier of pipe and end caps for over 50 years. We supply the pipe, boiler and tubing industry with the caps they need at unmatched quality. Our caps come in nominal sizes ranging from .540 to 12.750" diameter.

They are also a one-piece construction, which is draw from a sheet of aluminum or steel. Furthermore, we can galvanize caps upon request, and they are completely recyclable.

Metal Stamping Service from Wedge Products

Wedge Products is pleased to offer a wide range of metal stamping service options, thanks in part to our equipment and expansive facility. In order to provide metal stamping near me to the aerospace industry and other high-profile customers, we utilize automated feed and handling equipment that allows us to provide low to high volume stampings in record time.

We even have metal stamping equipment that can perform machining, welding, tapping, deburring, vapor degreasing, and more. This equipment ranges in assembly type, but we have both manual and automatic assemblies.

Facility for Metal Stamping Near Me

Since 1933, we’ve served companies worldwide with our metal stamping near me. Our experienced metal stamping service experts operate out of a 110,000 square foot facility that gives us the space and equipment we need to offer a full range of products and stamping types. In addition to metal stamping near me, Wedge also performs plastic stamping that serves industries ranging from aerospace to small appliance manufacturers. Recently, we added a 40-ton high-speed Komatsu press with automatic feeding equipment and infrared heaters for stamping. The result? We can now provide quality plastic stamping products with varying thicknesses and material types.

When it comes to metal stamping near me, no one does it better than Wedge Products. We are a certified aerospace metal stamping company with experience in all aspects of working to aerospace specifications. Our metal stamping near me creates aerospace products with critical finishes and custom packaging that ensures every part is defect free. We even have a dedicated, specialized aerospace team that works primarily within aerospace metal stamping service.

Metal Stamping Near Me Options and Products

Although we are specially equipped with metal stamping capabilities for aerospace, that is not our only realm of expertise. Our other metal stamping service options create parts that are specialized and crafted from the finest materials that ensure precision, functionality, and longevity.

Our metal stamping near me options also include: pipe caps/end caps, custom metal stamping service, grease axles/axle caps, rubber plugs for lube caps, and much more.

No matter the level of metal stamping near me, Wedge Products operates with a commitment to quality control in everything we do. Our on-line computerized quality assurance program ensures accuracy in the manufacturing process, and Wedge functions under Mil-I-45208A. Our metal stamping near me experts are also certified suppliers to the automotive industry. We are proud to have a staff who specializes in metal stamping service options and can take the process from the very beginning of raw material to the finished product.

An Aerospace Certified Stamper

An Aerospace
Certified Stamper

Certified to AS9100 Rev. D, Wedge Products is an experienced aerospace parts manufacturer providing stamped metal components to the aerospace, military and industry.